<link>http://www.ob7sc7xl.top/rss/?rsscategory=theme&id=FD7B20D1BF6741C3A73C08B0711A6D5C</link><description /><item><guid isPermaLink="false">{AC249F9F-308F-44C1-8C1F-3166CF23ECED}</guid><link>http://www.ob7sc7xl.top/blog/2016/3/next-on-mangoh/</link><meta charset="utf-8"> <title>mangOH at SiDo (Lyon) & Device Developer Conference (Cambridge)<p class="p1">Come and learn more about mangOH, at SiDo conference in Lyon (FR) on April-6-7 and at Device Developer Conference in Cambridge (UK) on April-27-28.</p>2016-03-30T00:00:00Z{E92DE55D-264B-4F37-B2CB-F293DAC5BFA5}http://www.ob7sc7xl.top/blog/2015/9/29/new_open_source_hardware_for_industry/ New Open Source Hardware for IndustryOpen source hardware initiatives have emerged to fulfil educational needs. Arduino is maybe the most well-known example. It has been very successful so far, but its reach has been mainly limited to DIYers, teachers and students, or engineers who want to &ldquo;play with,&rdquo; discover, or showcase a technology. However, truly open source hardware has not been widely used in the industry. But a new kind of open source hardware is now emerging.2015-09-29T00:00:00Z{4137959F-522D-4555-AB53-5708B5C0F7D0}http://www.ob7sc7xl.top/blog/2015/9/8/swis2015_mangoh/ mangOH: IoT Open Source Hardware for Industry<p class="p1">Announced at Innovation Summit 2015, Project mangOH takes open source hardware to the next level. Watch the video from Innovation Summit and access mangOH website.</p>2015-09-08T00:00:00Z{B56B5D7B-E2C5-4A2E-A58D-8A99BF8F9A00}http://www.ob7sc7xl.top/blog/2015/8/31/swis2015_macchina,-d-,io/ Macchina.io on Project mangOH<p class="p1">From Innovation Summit 2015: Informatics demoed macchina.io running on mangOH open hardware and demonstrated an easy way to quickly build &amp; prototype IoT applications.</p>2015-09-01T00:00:00Z第一娱乐官网网址